Our Story

A delicious tasting guilt-free snack...

It's hard to count the number of times we've been stuck with a bag of horrible tasting health snack we decided to try, and we've tried a lot of them. With a penchant for snacking throughout the day, it became increasingly important to find healthy options that tasted good.

After years spent working in healthcare, we became more and more aware of how a poor diet and other lifestyle choices can negatively impact your health. We drew upon lessons of the past, growing up in a culture where food is used to heal the body and mind. Where plant-based ingredients and foods are celebrated for their functional, medicinal and nutritional value. Food with purpose, that was the idea!

And so Purposefuel was born; a plant-based functional snack, full of nutrients that protect, energize, heal and calm your body.

Crafted with the most wholesome foods from around the world, they contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugar. Each bite is packed with superfoods, nuts and real fruit.  We are excited to share our better-for-you plant based snacks, created to elevate and transform your day.

We invite you to try our products and hope you keep coming back for more.